Krissy and Peter


I will admit I was nervous. I’ve known this bride to be for many many years and when she tapped ME for her engagement photos I was a little intimidated. The fact that both her and her fiancé are just total babes made me feel a bit more at ease. The hardest part about this session was the weather! My poor client and I were contending with rain every time we nailed down a date! We finally ended on a date after rescheduling probably 3 times and it looked like golden California sun was gonna show up and be a show stopper.

I was super excited when Krissy and Peter showed up because they were dressed to perfection! I love a light, airy, and dreamy photo and they were dressed the part. Krisztina’s gown was light blue and super flowy and romantic and Peter had a bright sharp looking shirt with some more muted clay colored pants; I couldn’t have dressed them better myself.
We definitely contended with some of that harsh light first and had to find those “perfectly shaded areas” so faces were lit up just right and I think we got some amazing shots.

Right from the start you could really feel the chemistry between the two of them! Anytime I asked them to look at each other there was no hesitation and If I sunk into the ground and disappeared they probably could have stared forever.
They were such troopers hiking a steep hill to get to the top where we could get some really great wide open shots and I think it was so well worth it!
What an incredible day and an amazing couple. I am so excited I got the opportunity to work with them!







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