Balancing the Showverload


I have a confession. I have had MOANA on repeat for about a week now. Not only am I smitten with this movie after coming back from Hawaii but I am obsessed with the music score and the meaning in the movie. Me and Keira have been binge watching it almost on the daily (I know this doesn’t make me sound like the best parent but stick with me) I can’t believe how fast my sweet little nugget is growing! Her new favorite things to do are wiggling non-stop (seriously this kiddo always has someplace to go and people to see, her “air-walking” is on point.) She is also the most gabby and chatty baby I have encountered, chatting, babbling, cooing for almost 30 minutes at a time. If only I knew what she was saying because it sounds oh so important!
Keira is 4 and a half months now! I just cannot believe she is growing so fast. I actually just tried her on some rice cereal the other night and it was a really entertaining experience because she had no idea what to do with the stuff. We started with the bottle and would slip the spoon in between the bottle feeds and she would just push her tongue out and a cascade of cereal (yes, CASCADE) would come oozing down her face. HAHA it was pretty laughable. I could get really frustrated but she is still really young and  just starting out so my goal was just to let her feel the texture and suck on the spoon so when she does want to eat the cereal she will be familiar with all the tools. It’s been interesting to say the least.


These Veggies give me all the heart feels.

One thing Keira has really started enjoying more is watching shows. Her favorites are Veggietales, MOANA, and Cinderella. Veggietales seems to be working so great because of the large faces and short show times. MOANA has great music and still has the large faces that she likes. Cinderella is a new one we introduced because it was momma’s favorite movie as a little toddler (Grandma said she watched it everyday as a girl) and I wanted to be able to watch it with my own little girl! It’s also pretty ideal with a shorter run time than many of the newer Disney movies. I love that Veggietales teaches great moral and biblical values like sharing, loving your neighbor, kindness, hard work, and more. Keira has no concept of these things yet but it at least gives me some comfort knowing these episodes are based on Biblical truths.

Now, I know how absolutely horrible It must sound that my kid is watching show after show each day…I would slap my own wrist if I could. The truth is my post partum depression is horrible and I am just trying to get through each day. My long term plans are actually very technology and screen sparse (seriously like no ipad ever and a phone when she’s 16. I would like to attempt to bring up my girl the way I was raised. I didn’t have my own “screen” until I was around 15-16 and life was pretty great. If we were bored at a restaurant we played tic-tac-toe with sugar packets or if we were bored at home we played outside, wrote in a diary, sketched, played music, etc. this is my hearts desire for my baby girl.) ) However given the current circumstances I need help, lots of help. These shows are a form of help that I am hoping won’t do irreparable damage. From what I have read the brain is very elastic and re-trainable so I know when I switch back to 1 show a day or 45-1hr of screen time a day Keiras brain will adjust well. I also am excited to do more outside play, fun inside cooking play, reading books, puzzles, arts and crafts, and more. At this place in time those things are all really difficult because of my PPD but also because Keira is not mobile and still pretty cognitively young. Some of the fun ideas I just can’t wait to do with Keira once she is a little older and I’m in a little better of a place are below (yes I have a little list going because I am just that EXCITED!)
-puzzles, I love puzzles!
walks outside and going to ALL the parks
-sidewalk chalk
-shaving cream painting!
-blocks, blocks, and more blocks
-color sorting
-play dough
-paint in a Ziploc baggie
-coloring books for dayzzzzzz!
-hiking! I need a baby backpack carrier but I cannot wait for this <~~~~~
-introducing solid foods
Even in these more challenging times I am able to really enjoy time sharing these shows and movies with her. Cinderella and Veggietales are shows that I grew up watching and loving and I learned so much from them . It’s really special to be able to share these things with my own daughter. I can’t wait to introduce her to the audio series “Adventures in Odyssey” another favorite that we would listen to in the car or while we went to sleep (I still remember bible verses specifically from episodes of that radio series!)
I am curious to know what are some other mommies go to activities for your young babies? What are your opinions on shows or screen time for any ages? If you do allow shows for your little what are some of your go to’s?




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